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Adamstown Pack
Adamstown Pack
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Adamstown Pack

Our most popular pack – farm-fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables to feed a household of four for a week. With enough left for some extra friends or family at the weekend.

"Had the Adamstown pack delivered yesterday, very very impressed."  Carissa Smith

"Highly recommend these guys for meat and fruit/veg boxes. Great quality, well priced and supporting local (plus next day delivery!). Two thumbs up from me."  Bryony Facey


  • 500g Bacon - Smoked In House made using only 100% Australian Pork 
  • 500g Lean Beef Mince - Made from Grass Fed Hormone Free Beef 
  • 1 Kg Beef Sausages - Gluten Free made with Grass Fed Hormone Free Beef
  • 1 Kg Chicken Schnitzels - Hand made daily 
  • 1 Kg Beef Rump steak Grass Fed Hormone Free Beef
  • 6 Lamb Crumbed Cutlets - Free range lamb 
  • 1.5 Kg Pork Roast - 100% Australian Pork  
  • 4 Wagyu Burgers - Rangers Valley Wagyu Beef 
  • 1 kg Chicken Breast Fillets - Free Range
  • 1 kg Pork chops - 100% Australian pork
  • 1 Bag bones - For the Family Pet

     Fruit and Vegetable Box - All hand picked for Freshness & Quality. Can include

  • potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, beetroot, carrots, corn, red/brown onions, broccoli, red/green apples, pears, bananas, oranges, broccoli, capsicum and tomatoes.
*contents may vary from the picture and can change from week to week dependent on availability and price.
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