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Gluten Free


So...the journey began back in 2020 - to make

'The Butchery on Brunker'


Our VISION: Making 'all' of the products we offer ` Accredited gluten free
The WHY: Simplicity 'in a sense' we can be certain that we are supplying our valued customers that suffer from coeliac disease the reassurance that all products are produced with certified gluten free ingredients. Taking away the 'confusion' factor of which products are/are not GF and deletes the risk factor associated with potential cross contamination
Your TRUST: This is 'BIG' for us as a small business normally, but when deciding to make this change to our business it was not something we took lightly with the understanding how differing the levels of severity can be for those living with Coeliac disease.
We have meticulously worked with and will continue to be trained by Coeliac Australia having changed all of our processes to provide our valued customers the reassurance that there health is a priority for us
This CHANGE to our business has been a lengthy process but one we felt the path to take albeit a  long, involved one but are passionate about. We have for at least 12 months been undertaking training, product research & testing always seeking advice from Coeliac Australia along the way.
A few GOOD reasons we are 'different' to others that state they are gluten free:
  • We have and will continue to constantly get our gluten free products tested at a laboratory at a ratio of 2 parts per million
  • Use gluten free certified ingredients to create our products
  • All of our products are created in a gluten free environment 
  • We are EXTREMELY PROUD to be the very 'FIRST BUTCHER in NEW SOUTH WALES' to be endorsed by Coeliac Australia 👏
Also, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Rob for the extensive effort he has put in to make this vision come to fruition - you should be extremely proud of yourself 'well done' 
Providing next day delivery to the Newcastle area,
packed ready for the fridge or freezer  

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